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About SCI

At SCI we coach business leaders and the leadership teams to identify business opportunities, align their business strategies to achieve  their business goals and be authentic leaders.
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The Centre of Excellence for Executive Women Leadership or CEEWL is part of SCI. CEEWL provides strength-based coaching and leadership opportunities for executive women leaders to achieve their career goals; learning collaboratively while deepening strategic relationships.
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Leadership Coaching Online

At SCI we believe that we are all leaders who take initiative and make choices. Each of us has the capacity to be authentic leaders where our actions match our words and we are trusted and trustworthy.
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Authentic Leadership Online

The vision for Strategic Choice is that it is a centre that shares knowledge to inspire, influence, and coach individuals, teams and organizations to act and contribute differently to achieve goals that are meaningful to them. The Authentic Leadership Online blog was written to keep those connections strong and thriving.
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Our Vision

Marilyn Neufeld founded Strategic Choice International in 1999.  Our core purpose is to to transform our clients’ lives so each of us are leaders who contribute, take initiative, and influence positive change in teams, organizations, and the world. We coach leaders and facilitate small and large groups using multiple theory based approaches.  Marilyn created the Authentic Leadership Model© and uses this to guide strength-based coaching that ultimately exceeds our client’s goals.

Credentials and Tools


uottawa BScN, Nursing Science
mcmasterlogo MHSc, Masters in Health Sciences




enneagramEnneagram Personality Specialist
9dimensions 9 Domains facilitator

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